UK Models Reviews: Becoming A Model Today

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Almost every girl in the UK and even around the world aspires to be a beautiful like the UK models. No wonder, when such models are constantly winning awards and the privileges to model for some of the greatest designers in the industry.

Becoming a model today, however, is not easy. It takes discipline and a certain know-how to achieve. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips for becoming the type of guy or gal that will get you at the top of the list of UK models reviews.

Join A Good Agency

IF you want to be a model in the UK, you’ll have to join an agency. And not just any agency – an agency with a good connection to the industry.

Luckily, the UK is full of great agencies that up to snuff. Do your research to find out which of these great institutions is right for you, and then start applying. Only the best get in, but once you do, you’re certain to become a star.

Have Something To Offer

How do you really leave your mark among all the other UK models? You have to offer something that nobody else can. This may be a striking face or hair texture nobody has seen before, a cool, confident glare or strut as you come down the runway, or maybe that aura that screams, “Love me!”

Whatever your mark will be on the industry, you have to really own it. Be confident in what you have and sell it to anyone who will pay attention. In the UK fashion industry, you’re sure to get some notice even if you don’t think you’re that special.

Becoming a model in the UK may not be easy, but with some dedication, a flair for the dramatic, and a good connection with a great agency, you too could become one of the next top models of the UK.

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Cycling Books for the Avid Reader

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You’re an avid reader. Any time you take on anything new, you are in the library trying to read everything possible. Your latest idea is taking up cycling and you want to learn as much as possible about it. Get ready for the ride of your life as you flip the pages of these awesome stories.

Cycling Books

These books are listed in no particular order; yet the idea is for the reader to discover all about cycling through the pages of a book. “Wide Eyed and Legless” by Jeff Connor came out in 1988. If you haven’t heard about the Tour de France this book will take you back to 1987 when the ANC-Halford team was on the scene. Find out who participated, how it affected the town and what was Jeff’s experience watching from the sidelines.

The Enlightened Cyclist

“Rough Ride” by Paul Kimmage brings drugs and sports up close and personal. Who would have thought even in cycling back in 1998 that was actually happening? Evidently Kimmage was the rebel rouser and calling attention to drugs being used in the sport; however he was met with disbelief. This book opens up the eyes of many who are considering becoming a pro cyclist.

For the poet at heart, you are not being left out. Robin McGowan’s book 1987, “Kings of the Road” is a poetically written account about the world of cycling.

Having been seen at sometime as one of America’s favorite, we have “Lance Armstrong’s War” by Dan Coyle 2005. Read the inside scoop and prepare yourself to be amazed. This cyclist journalist was able to get information that others have not been privy to.

“Flying Scotsman” by Graeme Obree will engage the reader from the beginning. You will learn about a man’s drive in the midst of his battle with depression. Cyclist must have a strong determination and this book will no disappoint.

Lance Armstrong fans will want to see this second book, titled “From Lance to Landis” as it goes back to doping. What happens behind the scenes for a professional cyclist? What are the challenges they face? Have they been placed on a pedestal so high that eventually they fail? Find out about the American Doping controversy at the Tour De France.

As you can see the stories on cycling cover the gamut when it comes to what it is, men’s personal trials, drugs and depression. These are only a scratch of the surface because there are tons of books available when it comes to cycling. Make sure to get your favorite beverage as you prepare to enter the world of cycling through books.

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What Not To Wear While Cycling!!

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You have waited for this day. You are preparing for an upcoming cycling event and this day you will go to the sports store and get your last minute gear. You’ve been looking through all the cycling magazines and you can’t wait to buy the things you need to protect yourself. Friends and even family members have suggested what you should wear. But what about the things you shouldn’t? Check out the list below so you don’t appear to be a cycling rookie.

What Not to Wear While Cycling

Topping our list is arm warmers. Why would you wear these when you are wearing a sleeveless jersey? If you were wearing a long sleeved shirt maybe, but not when you are wearing a top that has no sleeves, you are out in the sun and this seems to defeat the purpose. It doesn’t enhance your look.

Jersey with pockets is not the way to go. What will happen is you will fill those pockets and then your clothes look all off balance. Furthermore, will you really be comfortable cycling carrying that extra weight. Sure you were trying to alleviate having to carry bags, yet the jersey with pockets is not the solution. Try, try again.

Jersey tucked shorts. Not a trend you want to set. Another site that will make others cringe is when your jersey is too short and there’s exposed skin between the shorts and jersey when you bend. You are shopping for your attire, take into account your size and the fact these clothes may shrink the first time when you wash them. Do you really want to be the person everyone remembers because they are having flashbacks in their mind of bare skin?

Seatbags is not the step to take. When you are cycling the idea is to keep everything light. If you add a seatbag you are going to start weighing down your cycle. Now is not the time unless you are on a leisure ride.

Let’s talk about headgear for a minute. When you are in the store, take the time to try it on and make sure it fits properly. What you want to avoid is excess helmet strap. That will be a distraction. When you are cycling whether for fun or competition, make sure your gear is tight.

These are only a few of the things you shouldn’t wear. You don’t want to make a fashion mistake even when cycling.

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Camping Checklist

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Better to prepare for your upcoming camping trip. You want this to be an adventure without the hiccups. Below is a camping checklist which of course can be modified based on your plans and what you are doing on your trip.

Camping Checklist

Let’s start first with where are you going to sleep? Do you plan to use a tent, tarp or a sleeping bag? Will you need a pillow because you have to have something under your head? Do you need a comforter? How do you plan to stay warm at night? If your children are camping with you, how will you make sure they have enough to stay warm? Are there any readers on this trip? If so, you want to make sure you have books for them to read.

Meals are going to be the next focus of our checklist. People will always want to know how they are going to eat when camping. A family camping trip is not the same as when you go with the 4-H club. At least with the family, you may get to put your order in before this trip even begins. Here are the essentials you need to ensure are covered such as water, food, cooler, camp stove, a can opener and charcoal if necessary. Now some things that are considered extra would be folding tables, Dutch oven and even a smoker. You don’t want to take too much away from the camping ambiance by making it seem like all the comforts of home. Be sure you have your spices with you and also condiments. Take a roll of paper towels and also napkins. If you need cooking oil, make sure you take it.

A big one that you should make sure is in the car first is a First Aid Kit. You want to have bandages, aspirin, burn ointment, itch cream, personal medication of those who need it, sun burn lotion if necessary, eye wash and antiseptic cream. Now is not the time to be unprepared.

Take your personal hygiene items from toothbrush and toothpaste, to hair comb, wash rag or wipes for your face, nail clippers, towel and soap. You don’t have to look like you are living in the wilderness.

Some miscellaneous items you want to take are binoculars, camera, cards and even games. Make the most of this adventure with the family.

This checklist is not in any way complete. These are just some items to jog your memory and help you to start planning your wilderness getaway. Make the most of your upcoming trip.

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Camping Recipes

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Light up the campfire and let the cooking begin. One of your favorite experiences is the meals that are cooked around the campfire. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be cooked around the open flame. When it comes to dessert, your creativity can truly kick in. Dessert doesn’t have to be limited to smores or just fruit.

Most Important Meal of the Day – Breakfast
Your breakfast doesn’t have to be limited just because you are in the wilderness. As a matter of fact, you can still be very healthy and eating some of your favorites. You may want to consider the following breakfast recipes from Baggy Omelets, Breakfast Burrito’s, Cinnamon Buns or even Sausage Gravy Biscuits. For those who have a Dutch oven that they are taking on their trip, you can even learn how to cook a Quiche a la Canoe. Breakfast can be fun out in the wilderness. You want to have some fun? Ask four or five of your friends to send you their favorite breakfast recipe for camping.

Snack and Lunch Recipes – For that Mid-day Nudge
You’ve been out hiking this morning and now you are ready for lunch or that mid-day snack. What can you have that would be quick and yet filling? Consider Apple leather, Snow Dog’s Hippie Trippin’ Granola, Chinese Jerky or even Walking Tacos. Tacos are always a favorite whether camping or at home. Your goal is to grab a bite and keep on having fun with the family.

Dinner – What will the Main Course be?
Many people would think fish because you’re out camping and normally there are lakes close by where people can fish. Maybe you don’t want fish; however you’d still like a meal that is pleasing to the eye and palate. For the fish lovers there are always trout recipes. For those who don’t fish, you could make camp spaghetti, burritos, chicken and rice, mini pizzas, even campfire meatloaf or even grilled peanut butter sandwiches. The list goes on and on.

We hinted at Desserts Earlier
We briefly talked about Apple Leather in place of smores. You could also fix Fire Pit Sundaze or even Pudgy Pies Dessert.

When you let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard and you begin searching the internet for campfire food or recipes, get ready to be overwhelmed and potentially become hungry. Some of these recipes sound so good; you will want to go camping the very next weekend. Who can blame you if need to step back from the rat race and relax even if only for a couple of days.

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How to Learn to Play Golf

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How do you play golf? When driving to work, you’ve seen men and women out there on the greens in their plaid clothes and swinging the golf club. You’ve even heard at work that a lot of deals are made on the golf course. What is the fascination with golf? When you watched the PGA on television you only watched when it was close to the end and Tiger Woods or Jack Mickelson was in place to win. How do you learn to play golf? What is the draw for people?

Golf is a challenging game that has social appeal. Many organizations, businesses and even individuals play golf. Organizations and businesses even use it as a fundraiser. There’s a lot to be said for the game of golf. Now you are going to learn.

What’s the immediate downside? It can be intimidating while also very frustrating for the newbie coming to the greens. Usually people playing golf are friends so there’s time to pick up the game and get some tips from friends.

How to Play Golf

Just like any game you need to learn all the rules whether you decide to read a book on golf or even go and watch a game, learning the rules will make it better. Playing miniature golf doesn’t count as learning the rules of the game nor preparing you to play.

You may want to take a professional lesson so an expert explains to you about swinging the club, hitting the ball on the range and what it means to be under par. A golf lesson can cost you from $75 to $200 for a one hour lesson. You already realize this is not an inexpensive hobby, yet it can be fulfilling.

When you are learning about the game, you will come to understand the different types of clubs and even about the accessories used in the game. Even though your lesson will only be an hour long, you make walk away feeling overwhelmed. Don’t let that stop you from getting out there on the greens and taking your first swing at this ball that is sitting there waiting to go to the 9th hole.

You will want to learn all about the ball as well. Golf is the game that you can play for hobby alone or even with friends. You can compete in tournaments for money or even trophies. What can happen in the world of golf is endless. Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe and include some plaid shorts.

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Health Benefits of Cycling

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You decided to take up cycling just so you could get outside and explore the world while the wind is blowing on your face. Little did you know there are a lot of health benefits to cycling. Once you find out what these benefits are you will think why didn’t you take it up sooner? Better late than never is the rule of thumb.

Health Benefits of Cycling

Get ready to sleep like never before. Have you ever sat outside in the sun for at least twenty to thirty minutes with the sun beating on your face? Did you get sleepy? Well, cycling may have the same effect because you’ve actually combined exercise and sunlight. Goodbye insomnia and hello Mr. Sandman. You will now sleep better than before thanks to your new hobby.

Turn back the hands of time. Let’s face it when you exercise, you tend to look younger and feel better. Exercise also helps optimize collagen production thereby reducing appearance of wrinkles.

Cycling affects the brain power? Absolutely because when you cycle it helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is responsible for your memory. Cycling is feeding the brain by boosting blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Want a new way to fight off illness? Get on your bike. Exercising helps the immune cells more active. They in turn will fight off infection. No one likes being sick and your body’s immune system is run down where you can’t fight. This will make you re-think what’s happening with your body the next time you get sick.

A big health benefit is you will lose weight just cycling. Maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered since you can’t do a regular exercise program. Set your own schedule to determine how many times a week you will cycle. This could be loads of fun. Also if you a friend that lives close, you could do it together.

A family that cycle together stays healthy together. Get the whole family involved and make it part of your weekend routine. When you cycle as family to a great location, everyone is rejuvenated and ready for the week ahead.

Your original motive for starting to cycle had nothing to do with your health. However now that you have found out some of its benefits, you can’t wait to get on your bike again. This form of exercise is easier than weight lifting and more enjoyable.

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